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I became a mortgage broker to put into practice my knowledge of navigating banking and financial systems and to provide a high quality service to those requiring financial services. I bring to you a sincere, hard working and professional approach to ensure you are on the path to your financial goals.

The success of my business is 100% dependent on the success of my clients and I believe, when the right loan structure is put in place, everybody can achieve the dream of home ownership, whilst still enjoying a great lifestyle. Whatever your financial requirement, I will work diligently to determine the best solution and keep you and all relevant parties informed every step of the way.

I am committed to making the buying process simple, painless and, most importantly, successful. My personal and professional contacts include but are not limited to conveyancers, real estate agents, accountants and buyers’ advocates. The financial benefits of my services are seen both immediately and over the life of the loan, as you continue to save on fees, interest and other costs month in, month out.

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About Neil Locke

Whilst I am here for all your finance needs, home loans is where I truly excel. With banks and governments continuing to make changes to regulations and lending criteria, it is important to have someone on your side to navigate the many loan products. From the interest rate to the loan structure, all aspects are considered when I recommend a loan.
As a property investor myself, I know what to look for when assessing the right loan for your investment. It is critical that investment loans are structured correctly from the outset to ensure tax deductions are not lost.
With so many lenders seeking new customers, there has never been a better time to have your current loans reviewed. I take absolute pride in being able to put money back in my client’s pocket that was being unnecessarily consumed by high interest rates, fees and inappropriate loan structures.

When we asked Neil…

What makes you laugh?
I am often playing out scenes in my head and making myself laugh. If you see me smirking and staring into space, ask me what I am thinking about.
What is your favourite quote?
Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
What superhero would you be?
As boring of an answer as it is, probably Superman.
Most famous person you have ever met?
Is John Howard classed as famous?


In a simple 5 minute discussion at a social event, Neil was able to clearly explain how to structure my loans where others had only confused me in the past. Neil takes both a great interest in the property market and in what I hope to achieve for myself and my family. I highly recommend him to anybody looking at purchasing property.

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I will compare your current loan to hundreds of other finance options to see if a different mortgages maybe more suitable potentially saving you thousands of dollars and lowering your monthly repayments.

I am located in Park Orchards and predominantly service clients in Doncaster, Templestowe, Ringwood, Donvale and Warrandyte.

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