Prospect, Prospect, Prospect!!

Sales, blimey it can be hard graft when you 1st start out.  Then you get a win, a sale, and you fist pump the air and celebrate, you give it all of your attention to make sure that this sale goes through and you get paid (after all that’s why you’re here isn’t it?).  But whilst you are looking over there, you have forgotten to keep these plates spinning over here.  Now you have settled that deal and your pipe echoes when you scream “WHERE’S MY NEXT DEAL…DEAL…DEAL…” your pipeline is EMPTY!

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? I am sure most sales people have at one point or another, I know I have.  The administration takes over, the paperwork, following up all parties related to the deal, keeping the client up to date.  You need systems in place to take care of the sale to allow you to focus your full attention on income producing activity, you should be spending your time with referral partners and clients, you should be working on your business.  The pipeline needs to be full all of the time.

RateOne recognises that the broker’s time is best spent building a sustainable business, their skills are in dealing with people not administration.  So we take away the data entry, the follow up, the updates and we add those 1 percenters that brokers want to do but get too busy to do.  Essentially, we give brokers back time! It’s then up to the broker to use that additional time in the most effective way.

Prospect, prospect, prospect.  We are always prospecting whether it be buying a coffee in the local cafe and having a chat with the barista, talking to people in the shops, at a BBQ or cold calling a list of potential clients or referrers.  I picked up a deal from the guy fixing my lap top, another one from our landscaper, all because I was not afraid to talk about what I do for a living.

If you are not out there getting your face seen and your voice heard, then you are unknown.  So although your pipeline is important, your problem is not your pipeline, your problem is obscurity, no-one knows who you are!  You are sat in front of your laptop procrastinating when you could be out in the big wide world getting your face seen, building a reputation, getting recommended.  If you are not speaking to people or meeting people, then you are not at risk of doing any business.

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