Changes to Investment Lending


APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority – the regulator for the banks) has warned the Banks not to increase investor loans by more than 10% per year APRA’s seasonally adjusted figures show they are at about 10% at the moment – so it’s more a precaution against strong growth rather than a reaction to it [...]

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How to survive different spending habits


Let's talk about money! We are told that money is usually one of the main causes of relationship problems and breakdowns…or is it? Many experts agree that it’s really a lack of communication skills and compromises. Money has meaning beyond the numbers on a page or notes in your wallet. It is strongly linked to [...]

How to survive different spending habits2016-12-07T11:28:59+10:00

You Don’t need to Be Wealthy to Invest……


...but you do need to invest to be wealthy. If you think you have to be wealthy to invest in property you might be mistaken! In fact the skills and experience you’ve gained managing a budget on a lower income could make you a better property investor than some big spending high income earners. We [...]

You Don’t need to Be Wealthy to Invest……2016-12-07T11:29:00+10:00

How to keep a level head during property negotiations


If you are one of the thousands of potential buyers beginning the journey to home ownership this spring, you may be wondering how to keep a level head during this notoriously stressful period. While a property purchase should be a purely rational decision, the reality is this is not always the case. As a prospective [...]

How to keep a level head during property negotiations2016-12-07T11:29:01+10:00

Spring Buying Form Guide: How to Back a Winner in the Spirit of Melbourne Cup


Traditionally the busiest time of the year for both horse racing and real estate, the spring property season is just around the corner. If you're looking to make a foray into the market, our form guide to property will have you buying both confidently and successfully. Refine your top picks: Before you bolt out of [...]

Spring Buying Form Guide: How to Back a Winner in the Spirit of Melbourne Cup2016-12-07T11:29:02+10:00

Getting ready to buy at auction


Buying a home at auction is an exciting time – the crowd and competitive atmosphere means it’s easy to get caught up in the passionate bidding. If you’re looking to buy your dream home, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared and know your limits. I can help you maximise your opportunities at auction. Here [...]

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Is budgeting a bad word?


Budgeting. Ick. Just the word alone can be cringe worthy. With the release of the federal budget and the end of financial year people are asking for RateOne's top budgeting tips and it’s honestly hard to get excited about. But perhaps it’s because we often look at what we’re missing out on rather than what we’re [...]

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Auction Pro


With a cool head and a firm plan first-time buyers can make sure they don’t get swept away in the excitement of an auction Auctions can be daunting for novices, but they can also be an effective way to snag an investment at a fair price. Once you have identified a property worth bidding on, [...]

Auction Pro2016-12-07T11:29:06+10:00

Moving House Checklist


Local services Scout out the local services in your new neighbourhood, such as doctors, schools, shopping centres, chemists and vets. Tell your doctor, optometrist, dentist and other medical specialists of your new address. Sort out furnishings and belongings Organise a garage sale for any unwanted items or contact your local charity to donate items. [...]

Moving House Checklist2016-12-07T11:29:07+10:00
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