Dealing with Troublesome Tenants


Dealing with troublesome tenants Most tenants are reliable, but if you’re a property investor, chances are you’ll encounter at least one bad renter. From failing to pay rent through to causing damage or conducting criminal activity, these tenants can harm your return on investment. It can be stressful when things go wrong, but try [...]

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Do you know your credit score?


Your credit report (also known as a credit file) is one of your most important financial assets. Safeguarding this report is an important part of the finance application process.  The Privacy Act was amended in December 2013 to allow financial institutions to share your credit liability and repayment history including whether your payments have been made on time OR [...]

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Has the property investment market become too confusing?


Changes to property investment loans in Australia have dominated finance news over the past few months. Barely a week goes by without yet another financial institution announcing changes to their investment loan interest rates or lending criteria. So what does this mean for YOU, a current or potential consumer of finance products? Well if feedback [...]

Has the property investment market become too confusing?2016-12-07T11:28:56+10:00

How will I support my parents when their money runs out?


Baby boomers are the first generation in history to face a new ‘third age’ with an unprecedented expectation of a decade or two of relatively healthy life after their retirement. But while boomers are actively planning for longer retirement years, many are also part of the ‘sandwich generation’ who have elderly parents without super and [...]

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I want to purchase an investment property but don’t know where to start.


What is required to make a good - AND safe - investment decision? Due to continued low interest rates, better household savings and increased home equity we are experiencing greater enquiries about how to use property as an investment vehicle for creating financial security. Property has been considered a popular path to wealth for Australians [...]

I want to purchase an investment property but don’t know where to start.2016-12-07T11:28:59+10:00
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