My experience with mortgages starts 14 years ago working as a mortgage broker in the UK. When I came to Australia, I worked within the banks as a Business Development Manager (BDM) helping mortgage brokers to workshop their loan scenarios and educate them on products. But the pull of helping clients with their financial and property needs was overwhelming and have returned to the life of a mortgage broker.

My approach to helping clients, takes the experience from being a bank BDM, the relationships I have established over the years and created a hub and spoke approach to assisting clients reach their goals.

My approach takes this one step further. I consider myself as a Financial Relationship Manager, my specialty is certainly within mortgages, however whilst we assess your current needs, we take the opportunity to review your future goals in life and take a hub and spoke approach in finding you solutions. This could include introducing you to other people that may assist you to reach those goals, I will happily hold your hand through this process.

About Adam Baker

Buying your first home is an exciting experience, but there is a lot to think about. I make the home loan application process as smooth and easy as possible, so you can concentrate on finding the right home. As part of my service, I will help you to understand the types of home loans available to you and will assist you in choosing the right one for your situation. If you are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant or any state government first home buyer assistance, I will help you fill in the paperwork.

Property investment can be a smart wealth creation strategy, if you get it right. And that doesn’t just mean finding the right property – you need the right investment finance as well. Your investment loan package should be tailored to your investment strategy and goals. I work closely with your financial planner and accountant to make that happen. Whether you are an experienced property investor with a big portfolio, or just starting out with your first property, I can help you get the right investment loan for your circumstances.

Refinancing your mortgage is something that takes careful consideration. The most important thing to look at is if refinancing will place you in a better position than you would be if you stuck with your current loan. I can go through the sums with you to show you the costs involved in changing home loans, as well as your projected costs over a set timeframe for both your current and proposed home loans. And if you decide that refinancing is the right move for you, I will help you complete all the necessary paperwork to make the change.

Debt consolidation can be a handy solution when you are struggling with repayments on several debts, such as your home loan, credit cards and personal loans. Debt consolidation works by combining all those debts into your home loan, which is generally the debt with the lowest interest rate. Because the interest rate is lower, and the loan term is usually longer, your monthly repayments will drop, giving you a bit of breathing space.

When we asked Adam…

What superhero would you be?
As a child I loved Banana Man!

Most famous person you have ever met?
When I was at Primary School, I met Prince Charles when he visited my local town in Essex.

How do you deal with criticism?
I try to take is on the chin and learn from it, but I am a soft pom as my father-in-law likes to remind me, so I can’t pretend criticism does not affect me!

In another life you would want to be?
I love my life and am so grateful for what I have, but… I would love to have been a sports star, probably football, but really any sport.  F1 would be nice!

What is your dream holiday destination?
I would love to experience Canada during the winter months.

What makes you laugh?
Whenever I need to be cheered up, I stick on the TV an episode of Only Fools and Horses.  It’s a TV show from the UK that I have watched time and time again, it remains as funny as ever!

What are you passionate about?
Obviously I am passionate about my clients and providing a solution, but my daughter and family top everything!  Also, I love personal development, Tottenham Hotspurs and Premier League Football.

What was your greatest success?
When I was a working for Bankwest, I was awarded number 1 Bank BDM 3 times in a row by one of the aggregators that I looked after.  It was very humbling as the award was voted on by the brokers themselves and not self nominated.

Give us a tip?
Meditate for only 10minutes a day can greatly improve your concentration, deletes stress, helps you let go of fear and good for general wellbeing.  I use an app called Headspace and recommend it to everyone!

4 people you would invite to dinner?
Michael Caine, Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, Ricky Gervais


Adam and I met when I was desperately looking for someone who can get me an investment property financed.

I was keep getting rejected by my previous bank lender, brokers and even by a close friend who own a broker franchise office.

I saw a car parked at my clients house driveway, with Adam’s contact details on it.  We contacted each other. Next we got up for a coffee (paid by Adam) – he took all the details and the very next day Adam came back with options from different lenders with different loans.  I could not believe how quickly Adam went all the way to find a lender for complex situation like mine.

Best part was Adam orgnised all the paper work and liaised with the lender.  All I did was just turn up to sign that paper work!

Adam also found me a conveyancer, financial planner and an accountant.  Plus orgnanised property insurance (all with no extra charge for his time).

With only 2 face to face meetings, I had the loan sorted.  Adam made my dream come true and a reality!

We have been with one of big 4 lenders for past 10 years, but Adam’s knowledge, expertise and connections have been the best so far.

We are very happy and satisfied customer’s and would recommend Adam’s services to anyone, always appreciate Adam’s help! Thanks Adam

Asim Shahzad
It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Adam  Baker from RateOne.
Adam has looked assisted with my own personal investment home loan. I thoroughly enjoy working with this gentlemen. He is a modern day genius and a truly valuable asset to my investment business. Adam is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, Adam always answers calls after hours.
Without a doubt, I confidently recommend working with Adam. As a dedicated and knowledgeable professional and an all-around great person, I know that he can be a beneficial addition to every person seeking finance and financial advice.  Please feel free to contact me at 0478304944 should you like to discuss Adams qualifications and experience further. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.
Marc Woolfson

I remember how I got some mortgage brokers that I’ve been working with for years, trying to get me a home loan for the property purchase I am trying to settle. It seemed a dead end for me and I had to settle with extra $50,000!  After weeks of trials and stress to avoid having to put up extra cash for settlement, I finally gave up and consulted with the developer about my issue.  Then, few hours later, developer came back to me with Adam’s details.

I called Adam straight away and since then we knew each other.

The best thing is I DON’T NEED TO SETTLE WITH EXTRA $50,000!!

The only extra is mortgage insurance which could be capitalised onto the loan amount. I  saw this as the greatest help I could get from a mortgage broker. And, it’s all through Adam Baker’s service.  I would always remember my struggle that was solved by Adam.

Chandra Leonardi

Adam Baker has proven himself to be one of the most professional and reliable business associates that I deal with. The finance industry is extremely competitive and the most successful players differentiate themselves by delivering outstanding service and results – Adam Baker without a doubt a successful player. I highly recommend him in any business capacity, especially to any Mortgage Professional who wants to deal with someone who delivers on their promises.

Dean Pieterse

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Been located in the Bacchus Marsh, Adam predominantly service clients in Bacchus Marsh, Western Suburbs, Ballarat, Caroline Springs.

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