My approach is to simply put your best interests first. Providing you with exceptional service – including your very own experienced RateOne support team – is the key to us enjoying an enduring professional relationship.

Since starting out in the finance industry in 1999, I have gathered an extensive knowledge base across many of the key lending areas – car finance, credit cards, personal loans and of course mortgage lending (residential, commercial and SMSF). I have an established network of like-minded professional contacts (estate agents, developers, conveyancers, etc) which I am more than happy for you to benefit from.

I am extremely thorough when assessing your circumstances, so you can expect more than the basic ABC’s of lending.  My appreciation towards taking the time to understand your different end goals is an important step in identifying your individual needs before offering a specific solution.

About Adam Nelson

Saving money on interest rates and fees is just one of the steps in the journey towards owning your own home. It is equally important to have someone walk you through each of the various stages, starting with building a knowledge base of homes in your target suburb/s, to assessing their value and learning how to negotiate with the sellers. Having spent 18 months working as a real estate agent, I am well equipped to provide coaching for you to establish confidence in each of these key areas.

The investment lending landscape is an extremely dynamic one. Considered lender selection, combined with an appropriate loan structure are now more critical than ever for successfully achieving your investment goals. These strategies should ideally result with little impact on your current lifestyle. I will thoroughly explain and implement a lending plan that not only suits your immediate requirements, but also sets a secure financial platform for future investment expansion.
Not all of my clients fit as neatly as a round peg in a round hole. As a result of a relationship breakdown, a long standing client hadn’t made a payment on a jointly held home loan for nearly 6 months. We were able to refinance the loan to a ‘Big 4’ bank and release enough equity to buy out his former partner. A thorough explanation of the circumstances helped avoid potentially expensive alternatives.

The list of unusual scenarios is constantly growing – inconsistent incomes (‘last year was better than this year’), left-field incomes (‘the semi-professional soccer player), changed lender policy (‘my land loan is with a bank who won’t give me money to build’), and the list goes on… if there’s a solution, I can find it for you.

When we asked Adam…

What is your dream holiday destination?
Northern summer sporting tour of Europe – British Open, Monaco GP, Wimbledon, Ashes series, Tour de France
4 people you would invite to dinner?
Jack Nicklaus, Michael Jordan, C. Montgomery Burns & my wife.
What are you passionate about?
What superhero would you be?
You can’t go past Superman.
Give us a tip?
Don’t be frightened off by interest only. Properly understood, set up and used, it is an extremely effective lending option.
What makes you laugh?
Martin ranting at credit assessors.
In another life you would want to be?
The Director of the CIA
What are 10 things you can do with a duct tape?
Stick together the fingers/thumbs of the person who typed this question. (Dave)
Most famous person you have ever met?
Martin (at least he will be one day).
If you could work on a project for any company in the world, who would it be, and why?
The RateOne project is right up there – just ask Dave – but I’ll go with the Virgin Galactic Project (can you imagine the after party when that finally gets off the ground… no pun intended)


To date our experience with financial advisers has been less than ideal. In fact it has cost us over $80,000 in losses so you can see why we would not normally have a lot of nice things to say about them. We were facing a fairly bleak financial outlook when our real estate agent recommended that we speak to Adam Nelson from RateOne. The last thing we wanted was a yes man who was going to dig our hole a little deeper, and then we met Adam. What a refreshing change.
Here was a person who listened to what our problems were, ascertained what needed to be done and then told us what we needed to hear – the truth. Bad things are never easy to hear, however Adam set out a succinct overview of where we were, where we needed to go and how we were going to get there – he explained the process in terms we could understand. Best of all, everything happened exactly as he explained it would what a terrific surprise! A good mortgage broker is like a good mechanic, they are hard to find but when you do you hang on with both hands. I would strongly recommend Adam Nelson to anyone looking to improve their financial situation.
I would highly recommend Adam and already have to a few of my friends! I was genuinely surprised when my loan was approved with little or no involvement from my side. So Adam, thanks a lot for taking the time out to explain the intricate details of the loan and answer my innumerable questions.
For a person with no finance background nor a clue about buying a house, Adam was my personal guru in educating me about housing and finance. He was there from the first day to the last when picked up my keys. He was extremely helpful, straightforward and very convenient to work with.
Instead of going bank to bank to find the right home loan, which is time consuming and daunting for first home buyers like us, we found Adam to be a one-stop shop with extensive knowledge of various home loan products available in the market. He helped us understand the difference in products offered by lenders and choose a loan that suited our circumstances. His ability to explain in simple terms made it so much easier to understand the dynamics of home loans.
Adam gave great tips on how to make the best use of our loan and equity, which even got us thinking about starting an investment portfolio in the near future! We found Adam to be professional and yet approachable especially when we asked him a million questions! Overall, we definitely are two happy customers!

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Been located in the Mulgrave and predominantly service clients in Bentleigh, Clayton, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Oakleigh, and Malvern East.

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